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4-6 November 2010

OWL Dave Lull:  Our Wisconsin Librarian (With Grateful Thanks to Maxine Clarke)

Worshipped World-Wide, This Sunday Times's OneOf Top-Ten Outstanding Books Blog Equals a Wholly Transcendent Transplendent Experience Non-Pareil

Just Plain Folks?  Nope.  One of the Finest Souls in Cyberia

The Magnificent Billy Jones, Poet Laureate of North America™

Dr. Edward Strickland's Favourite Things vis-ŕ-vis John Coltrane's Favourite Things

Maxine Clarke's Many Magnificent Divagations and Explorations

Debra Hamel's First-Line Divine Finds

A Day Without Nige Is a Day Without Nigeness (or, Not Niceness)

Warning:  Roger K. Miller's Unique & Sleek Musings Are Compulsively Addictive

Donlan brings fresh and campestral meaning to quietly poetic splash and panache

Never Fear:  Civilisation's Always in High Gear When Mary's Near

Raymond Benson's Goes for the GawdAwful Goods on the Celluloid Greats When It Comes to Virtual Encyclopaedic Takes on Cinematic States

Lee Floats Boats & Conquers Brave New CyberWaves

Welcome to Wee Saul's World of Wondrosity

To Canada's XYZ, Publisher of Marshall McLuhan:  Un visionnaire (Traduit par Hélčne Rioux)

Chase March's Bodacious Bloggadocio

Vermont's Robert Buckeye on Judith Fitzgerald and Charles Olson

To Canada's Oberon Press Catalogue Detailing BOOKS I, II, and III of Judith Fitzgerald's Adagios Quartet

Visit KJH's All-Right WebSite

Let There Be LIT!!1!

A Beautiful Blog Built by a Beautiful Mind

The Best Canadian Poetry Repository in (the east and) the west, thanks to Dr. Ian Lancanshire and Sophia Kaszuba

Your One-Stop Writerly Eye-Pop!

Robert Morgan's Amazing Press Publishes Fraser Sutherland . . . 'Nuff said :)!

Michael Mirolla's Labour of Love in the Name of Literature

Marshall McLuhan:  Wise Guy

Barry & Michael Callaghan Carrying The Tradition Forward

Dr. Osborne's Lucid Examination of Our Nation in the Canadian Journal of Communication (2006)

Judith <*hearts*> EiJarkko

ValGoddess Rawks :)!

László's Extraordinary Portrait of Irving Layton on His 89th Birthday

Joanna M. Weston on Orestes' Lament @ The Danforth Review

A. F. Moritz on River

A Man c/ A Mind of His Own

A Lovely CyberSite for Soar Eyes

Thank You, PLGB

The Awesomeness of The Maestro's Moving Pictures

Blue Coffee :)

An OuttaSight 4 Soar Eyes

Right Royal Loyalty Matters

Mary Mark Ockerbloom's Labour of Love


Sandra Merriman in The Gallery of B'Losers

Eric McLuhan's Labour of Love

Thank You, Tim Ware, For All You Do Plus Being There Times Deux :)

A Feast for Pynchonians Everywhere!

Judith Fitzgerald's Marshall McLuhan:  Wise Guy

Wise Guy Tops Resource Links' 2002 List

Judith Fitzgerald's Un visionnaire:  Marshall McLuhan (Translated by Hélčne Rioux)

The Finest Micro-Press on the Planet

Brick Books:  Best in the West

An Exquisite ProseMaestro's Lament for a BiblioStation

A Photographer for All Reasons and Seasons

ECW Press:  On the Cutting Edge

Keep Your Eye on This Wonderful Spoken-Word Press

An Intelligent Man in the Court of Mannequills

World-Class WebWorking

The One-and-Only James Gerrie

Link Think


Canada's National Newspaper

Tomislav Šakic & Jurica Starešincic's Ultimate Croatian Leonard Cohen OuttaSite

Art & Soul

An Extraordinary Press of International Distinction

*The* Journal Worthy of Acquisition

Canada's North Never Had It So Goodly

Astutely His Truly

The Canadian Writers' Foundation Counts on You

The Best Arts Council on the Planet

The Mercury Press Is Always Haute

Splash and Panache

The Alpha and Omega at the Delta

The Last Word on First-Rate Writers

Inventive, Independent, and Unrepentent

Canada's Next PM?

The Seer in the Rear-View Mirror

Worth Its Weight in Wonders

Jarvis Cocker Lays It on the Line

Bodily Harmony

christinA Eijkhout's One Natural-Born Friend For Life

A Find of a One-of-a-Kind Friend :->

Cris Cuddy and Judith Fitzgerald CoWrite

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