I watch my plane ascend towards the jagged moon suspended
    in its rectangular frame; west by mere degrees, the smouldering Ever-
    glades reminding me of a card, a relic signed and seared with phrases
    from a permanent island of temporary refuge. "Neverrending Love."
    A flourishing epiphany inscribed on a page from the book of my heart.
    I don't know.  I believe I absorb you through my fingers until you tear
    my future from the socket of your everlasting past.  I remove a strand
    of wool you pull over my neatly structured, sadly chaotic complimentary
    closing.  Yours unconditionally, indestructibly.  The upside oblong view
    of life above the Tropic of Cancer, trans/parallelogramme, latitude of love.
    I could not begin at the beginning at the best of times.  Now, crenelated
    indanthrone blue and carmine interplay south of this acute juncture
    of flight.  Yours infinitively, with various shades of chromium cerulean hue,
    Everglades dissolving in a frame of smoke-red lead.  A heart burns up
    the atmosphere.  The atmospheric camarilla.  Infinitesimally yours,
    chronicles rapturous and wild.

"Harmony of Moonlight," Rapturous Chronicles
(Stratford: Mercury Press, 1991).
© 1980-2008 Judith Fitzgerald. All Rights Reserved.

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