Concerning the Construction of the Adagios Quartet

Judith Fitzgerald's Poetry Blog Posts @ Canada's National Newspaper, The Globe and Mail

Judith Fitzgerald carries the torch on Day 63 of the cross-country extravaganza.  AND?  On that once-in-a-blue-moon day?  She did it without her cane :) . . .

This Piece Is Lovingly Dedicated to Stan Klees

The Occupation Hazards of Sitting on One's Arse at The Globe and Mail

Welling by Margaret Christakos at The Globe and Mail

Evelyn Lau's Living Under Plastic at The Globe and Mail

Cathy Marie Buchanan's The Day the Falls Stood Still at The Globe and Mail

Robert Kroetsch's Too Bad:  Sketches Toward a Self Portrait at The Globe and Mail

Steven Heighton's Patient Frame at The Globe and Mail

rob mclennan's wild horses at The Globe and Mail

M. T. Kelly's Downriver at The Globe and Mail

Geoffrey Hill's Selected Poems at The Globe and Mail

Geoffrey Hill's Selected Poems at The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jerry Auld's Hooker & Brown at The Globe and Mail

Fred Wah's is a door at The Globe and Mail

Expeditions of a Chimæra by Oana Avasilichioaei and Erin Mouré at The Globe and Mail

Song Over Quiet Lake by Sarah Felix Burns at The Globe and Mail

John Calabro's The Cousin at The Globe and Mail

Michael Kenyon's The Last House at The Globe and Mail

Kim Minkus's thresh at The Globe and Mail

Erika Rummel's Playing Naomi at The Globe and Mail

Paul Auster's Invisible at The Philadelphia Inquirer

John Updike's Tears of My Father and David Updike's Old Girlfriends at The Globe and Mail

Linda Leith's Marrying Hungary at The Globe and Mail

Ivan E. Coyote's The Slow Fix

Samantha Warwick's Sage Island and David Carpenter's Niceman Cometh

Ven Begamudré's Vishnu Dreams at The Globe and Mail

Elie Wiesel's A Mad Desire to Dance at The Philadelphia Inquirer

Elie Wiesel's A Mad Desire to Dance at The Globe and Mail

Margaret Avison's Radiant Poetic Authority

Carolyn Smart's Creative Re-Imaginings of One Wayward Group of Seven Dames

The Incandescent Inkings of John B. Lee, Dennis Cooley, and John Donlan

Michael Davis Pens a Perfekk Tribute to an Unforgettable Cast of Canadian Sesame Streeters

Michael Davis Pens a Perfekk Tribute to an Unforgettable Cast of International Sesame Streeters

On The Selected Gwendolyn MacEwen @ M&C

John Donlan's Spirit Engine Ascends @ M&C

In Memoriam Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (11 November 1922-11 April 2007) @ M&C

Featured Review of Nicole Brossard's Museum of Bone and Water @ M&C

Featured Review of Linda Grant's Still Here @ M&C

Featured Review of Anne Carson's Sapphic Translation, If Not, Winter @ M&C

Featured Review of Cynthia Flood's Making a Stone of the Heart @ M&C

Featured Review of Jonathan Kertzer's Worrying the Nation @ M&C

Featured Review of Lady Di Brandt's Jerusalem, beloved @ M&C

Featured Review of Mary Dalton's Red Ledger & Nathalie Stephens's Touch to Affliction @ M&C

Featured Review of Neil Bissoondath's Doing the Heart Good @ M&C

An Historical Profile & Overview of the Best Band on the Planet:  Blue Rodeo

An Historical Insight into Country's Best Ass/et

Queen Anne Murray:  Keeping the Class in Classic Uppermost

rob mclennan's Finest

Judith Cowan Takes Chances & Hits the Fictional Jackpot

On Robert Bringhurst's The Tree of Meaning & P. K. Page's The Filled Pen

On A. S. Byatt's A Whistling Woman (IV, Frederica Potter Cycle)

Christopher Reid's First Volume of the Letters of Ted Hughes

Judith Cowan & All Things Frangibly Frabjous

On Maestro David Markson's The Last Novel

Living Legend Ray Souster Knows For What Men Will Die

Michele Le Magnifique!

On Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat

A Mini-Shrine Devoted to Doctor Stompin' Tom Connors

Irving Layton at 88

Judith <*hearts*> Irving

László's Extraordinary Portrait of Irving Layton on His 89th Birthday

Dark Pines Under Water (from The Shadow Maker, 1972)

Gwendolyn MacEwen (1941-1987)

Concerning Stars, Flowers, Love, Etc. (from The Night the Dog Smiled, 1986)

Thoughts on Leonard Cohen's Master Song

World-Exclusive Interview with Leonard Cohen 2000

Those BoHo Daze . . .

RIP Harry Rasky, FilmMan in a Million

One-Two A Void

World-Exclusive 1999:  Irving Layton, Leonard Cohen, and Montréal

R. I. P.

McLuhan on Television's *Glorious* Properties

Homo Spectatorus *IS* US :(


Scottish Poet Robin Robertson's A Painted Field

Get Taken

Writers' Writer Thomas Pychon's Mason & Dixon

Judith Fitzgerald's Introduction to Marshall McLuhan:  Wise Guy

When All Heaven Breaks Loose

The Wild Man of Elizabethan Drama

Jamaica Kincaid's Mr. Potter

The Bay of Love and Sorrows

Hank Williams:  Snapshots from the Lost Highway

Content and Geometry Miss an Appointment

Lorca:  A Dream of Life

Beautiful Loser, Beautiful Comeback

Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pull

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